Bitcoin Mining in North America: A New Gold Rush in the New World

The phones are ringing off the hooks at the New York offices of BitOoda, a financial services and brokerage firm that advises bitcoin mining companies and investors in the bitcoin space on investment strategies and risk management. Ryan Porter, head of business development at BitOoda, told Bitcoin Magazine that there’s lots of interest, including from Chinese companies and investors, in the new frontier of bitcoin mining in the U.S. and Canada. “We’re seeing potentially explosive growth in North America in bitcoin mining as the number of inquiries from both mining…

Global Android Vulnerability Could Grab Wallet and Banking Data

The exploit works by highjacking a legitimate app as it’s launched on almost any Android phone. Instead of going to the welcome screen or login page, the exploit allows a piece of malware to display so-called permissions pop-ups, the kind that asks if the app can access your contacts, location, and stored data. When you approve the request, the malware is given all of the permissions instead of the legitimate app, which continues to run as if nothing happened. Source link

Placeholder Leads $2 Million Seed Round for DeFi Services Provider Zerion

“Back in the ’90s many of us intuitively understood the Internet was a powerful new infrastructure but it took Marc Andreeseen with Mosaic and then Netscape to make this powerful new infrastructure accessible to a broader audience,” he said in the statement. “DeFi, or decentralized finance, feels just as profoundly transformative today as the Internet did then, but it is still too hard to use.” Source link

the benefits of donating (and accepting) crypto

In December 2017, an anonymous person named “Pine” created the Pineapple Fund as “an experiment in philanthropy with cryptocurrency.” Pine donated $55 million worth of bitcoin to 60 different charitable organizations focused on everything from the environment and mental health to social justice and homelessness. In time for GivingTuesday, a global giving movement that has inspired millions of people across the globe to collectively donate over $1 billion, many people are contemplating how to make the biggest impact with their charitable donations. While the majority of donors prefer to donate…

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Hits New All-Time High of $6.54M

Bitcoin (BTC) futures open interest on digital asset platform Bakkt has hit a new all-time high. According to a Dec. 3 Twitter post published on Dec. 3 by Bakkt Volume Bot — a Twitter account dedicated to reporting Bakkt trading volumes — Monday’s open interest on Bakkt Bitcoin futures reached a new all-time high of $6.5 million. In futures markets, open interest is the number of open contracts in the market and is often used to indicate the health of the market. When there is a large amount of open…