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cryptobitnews.co.uk is continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of content we deliver to our trusted readers and this is your chance to become a member of our esteemed team of writers.

If you have a passion for cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and believe you can produce content of the highest quality that is also interesting to read, make sure to contact us using the form below and please provide your resume and samples of your previous work.

As the site continues to grow and attract an increasing number of cryptocurrency community, there may be some paid positions open, so reach out if you have aspirations to join our growing team. At the same time, we always welcome contributions from aspiring writers and if you prove you can consistently write quality articles, you will be offered a chance to become a paid author.

Cryptocurrency takes the centre stage on the site, but our writers also focus on Blockchain Technology or any other related issues.


We always welcome article contributions, provided they follow our editorial guidelines. Being a contributor is a non-paid position but you will receive full credit for all the articles you submit and get published on our site. This is a good way to get a feel for the work we do and prove to us that you deserve to be offered a paid position.

Paid Writers

The positions for paid writers are very limited. So make sure that if you apply for this position, you need to have prior experience when it comes to writing for blogs or sites online. Be prepared to showcase articles you have written and positions you’ve held at similar websites. We will only hire the very best candidates with a proven record in the Cryptocurrency community and those highly motivated to join the cryptobitnews.co.uk team.


• Make a name for yourself in the writing world

• Reach a wider global audience both on the site and social media

• The chance to work with one of the most recognized brands in the cryptocurrency blog community worldwide

• Use articles as reference for future writing jobs

• Improve your writing skills and learn new trends

• The potential to become a paid writer

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